Why you shouldn’t build a website and forget about it …

Unless you are in an uncompetitive industry, building a website will do you no good unless you constantly maintain and grow your content. Google, Yahoo and other search engines are looking for constant updates with unique content and a constant stream of relevant images. To make your business stand out from the competition and bring […]

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Are Budget Cuts to Blame for Disappointing Super Bowl Ads?

Did anyone laugh during this year’s Super Bowl ads? Normally an entertaining sideshow, the 2010 Super Bowl ads were the lamest ads in recent memory. Sure watching Betty White get decked was slightly amusing and I always like to see The Simpson’s but none of the ads stood out as being immensely creative.

I suppose you […]

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8 Business Marketing Tips for 2010

Tight budgets, fewer buyers, tougher competition. These are some of challenges many businesses are facing in 2010. Here are a few tips to help your business get on the right track.

1. Network! Network! Network! Oh and one more thing: Network!
It may not come naturally–particularly for some of us introverts–but making connections will be crucial for 2010 […]

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Branding Faux Pas of the Week: Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre renamed Comfort Dental

Once again the Denver area’s worst music venue, Fiddler’s Green, has been renamed. First it was Fiddler’s Green, then Coors Amphitheater, then back to Fiddler’s Green, now it’s Comfort Dental.

Nothing says rock concert like Comfort Dental. How do you think Amy Winehouse is going to feel if she plays there?

According to the VP of Comfort Dental, “When people […]

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