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WordPress Website Design

We have been working in WordPress since 2006, building dozens and dozens of blogs and websites since then. Whether you need the WordPress content management system (CMS) for blogging, ecommerce, a professional portfolio, or just to provide information on your products and services, it’s a great option for easy updating. If desired we can provide training on how to update your content yourself, using the simple WordPress admin area. WordPress websites are great for SEO (search engine optimization). We have had great success with the WordPress CMS in the past, but if you have another content management system in mind, we can work with your preferred brand.

Custom Design, Graphics & Content

We guarantee your new WordPress website will be unique, engaging and informational. Design, layout and content will be appropriate for your industry and colors and graphics will reflect your business’ identity. We are experts at custom WordPress themes, so our clients receive a one-of-a-kind design, not just a WordPress template that you may see used over and over. Our unique design experience, coupled with our expertise in internet marketing produces websites that are:

  • eye-catching
  • well-organized
  • user-friendly
  • optimized
  • efficient
  • dynamic

Easy Updates

Using a content management system like WordPress enables our clients to make content updates conveniently and without cost, if desired. WordPress websites’ admin area is simple to use and includes a visual editor with no code necessary. If desired, Team Design offers weekly or monthly content management services.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is when you rank well in the natural (unpaid) section on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search engines place the highest regard for websites that have unique and informative content that is constantly being updated and expanded. The trick is to make sure your content and images are found, easily read and liked by the search engines.

Organic SEO is successful when it’s applied over the life cycle of your website project, from planning through launch and ongoing. Organic SEO includes the following services:

  • keyword research (what are your customers searching for?)
  • site architecture (organization of pages must make sense to your customers and the search engines!)
  • unique, quality content (meaty text, good images, appropriate links)
  • ongoing content development (updating, blogging, expanding photo galleries, newsletters)
  • consistent online presence (your website, social media, listings across the web)
  • webmaster services (submit content to search engines, check for errors/malware)
  • analytics services (monitor traffic, keywords, conversions from organic searches)

We build sites with a strong SEO base, but instant gratification is rare in the SEO world. For the best organic SEO performance, we offer a weekly program, which is usually 3-4 hours per week, onsite to improve your web presence and search rankings.

Internet Marketing

Is your website driving leads to your sales people? Does your website pay for itself?

With so many avenues for gaining an online presence — social media, organic search engine results, pay-per-click, PR — online marketing is not a DIY job. You need a team with significant expertise to help you get the job done correctly and quickly. Team Design has been doing internet marketing since 2002 and is on top of all the latest trends, technology and analytics devices.

Social Media Management

We can help your business maintain a positive, consistent online presence in the social media world via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, Yahoo and other relevant listings.

Online Marketing Consulting

In tough economic times, it’s even more difficult to sell your products or services. Hiring experts outside of your company can help you gain perspective on how people outside of your company perceive you. Chances are, your marketing materials aren’t focused on what your customers need. They are focused on what you think your customers need.

Team Design can help you gain perspective into what your customers want from you and help you develop your unique selling proposition. The companies that succeed in 2012 are going to be the ones that carefully craft their marketing message and follow through with both online and offline marketing activities.

We can help you:

  • Analyze your current site and analytics and help identify problems and opportunities
  • Help you understand your customers are searching for and their behavior and make website adjustments to cater to those needs
  • Create an action plan and set goals to help your increase your website’s visibility through SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and social media
  • Improve the mobile experience
  • Provide social media consulting and help you understand what social media properties would be right for your business


Mobile Marketing Consulting

The advent of smartphones has created a whole new channel for advertising applications, goods and services. Mobile is changing the way online consumers behave and if you aren’t implementing a mobile marketing strategy you are losing business. Team Design can help you optimize your website for mobile phones, target mobile web traffic and promote your mobile app.

Promoting Your App | User Acquisition

Getting discovered in the App Store and Google Play is getting more difficult every day. We have experience driving app rankings to #1 in both the App Store and Google Play using a multi-channel approach.  User Acquisition is more than just acquiring cheap downloads. You need engaged users who keep coming back for more. We can help you define a strategy for user acquisition and retention.

We’ve managed budgets from $1000/month to $500,000/month and have close relationships with many major mobile ad networks. Team Design can help sharpen up your app description so you can rank well in the iTunes App Store and Google Play and can provide app marketing consulting services

Team Design can provide app marketing consulting services such as:

  • App Store SEO
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Ad design and ad copywriting

Contact us today to discuss promoting your app.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Did you know that 28% of internet traffic is mobile?

Have you looked at your website in your phone? Or your competitors’ websites?

Most companies haven’t adjusted the design and content of their website for mobile phones. One way to get ahead of your competition is to make your website mobile friendly and drive mobile traffic to mobile friendly web pages. Not only do you need to make your mobile web page pleasing to the eye but you need to reevaluate your content and determine if you should offer a simpler, slimmed down version of your website that is focused on a specific action.

As with any web project, properly adding a mobile analytics solution is critical to long term success of your mobile strategy. We can help you properly setup analytics and help you start to understand your customers better.

Contact us today to start improving your website’s mobile visibility.



We have extensive with many ad networks including Admob, Fiksu, iAds, GreyStripe, GetJar, App Redeem, Tapjoy, Jumptap, and Mojiva.