The advent of smartphones has created a whole new channel for advertising applications, goods and services. Mobile is changing the way online consumers behave and if you aren’t implementing a mobile marketing strategy you are losing business. Team Design can help you optimize your website for mobile phones, target mobile web traffic and promote your mobile app.

Promoting Your App | User Acquisition

Getting discovered in the App Store and Google Play is getting more difficult every day. We have experience driving app rankings to #1 in both the App Store and Google Play using a multi-channel approach.  User Acquisition is more than just acquiring cheap downloads. You need engaged users who keep coming back for more. We can help you define a strategy for user acquisition and retention.

We’ve managed budgets from $1000/month to $500,000/month and have close relationships with many major mobile ad networks. Team Design can help sharpen up your app description so you can rank well in the iTunes App Store and Google Play and can provide app marketing consulting services

Team Design can provide app marketing consulting services such as:

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

Did you know that 28% of internet traffic is mobile?

Have you looked at your website in your phone? Or your competitors’ websites?

Most companies haven’t adjusted the design and content of their website for mobile phones. One way to get ahead of your competition is to make your website mobile friendly and drive mobile traffic to mobile friendly web pages. Not only do you need to make your mobile web page pleasing to the eye but you need to reevaluate your content and determine if you should offer a simpler, slimmed down version of your website that is focused on a specific action.

As with any web project, properly adding a mobile analytics solution is critical to long term success of your mobile strategy. We can help you properly setup analytics and help you start to understand your customers better.

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We have extensive with many ad networks including Admob, Fiksu, iAds, GreyStripe, GetJar, App Redeem, Tapjoy, Jumptap, and Mojiva.